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Luke 4:18-19 – The Mission of the Messiah 
“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor.  He has sent me to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.”

Who and what are these verses talking about?

Poor: destitute of wealth, power, influence,, honor; needy and helpless.

Captives: literally being held captive, or captured, at spear point & unable to free themselves.

Blind: physical or mental blindness, the root word can also mean clouded by pride.

Oppressed: beaten, broken, and shattered into pieces.

               It’s a little more in our comfort zone to consider this scripture as it applies to distant times or places. Places like Nepal, where an earthquake and tsunami have shattered thousands of lives. Places like sub-Saharan Africa where over 25 million people are infected with HIV/AIDs. Places like Turkey where less than 1% of the population, know Jesus. It can get a little tougher when we see these terms apply to our own communities, to the physical poverty and spiritual darkness which exists within blocks of our homes. However, this concept is toughest when I realize this scripture is talking about me.

               For me to understand the mission of the Messiah, I must recognize that Jesus’ mission is about me. This scripture is talking about you and me! Do you see yourself in this scripture? Apart from Jesus:

  • I am needy and helpless with nothing to offer.
  • I am held captive with no way of freeing myself
  • I am blind, clouded by pride, without any clarity or direction
  • I am beaten, broken, shattered, and incapable of putting myself back together.


               When we celebrate the perfect Son of God being born in a lowly manger in Bethlehem and even more so being crucified on a Roman cross, do we recognize that this is because we desperately needed God to intervene in our lives?

               It’s one thing to say He did it because we live in a needy, messed up, broken world, but it’s much more humbling to say He did it because I am a needy, messed up, broken person. Thank God for a savior!


      Hurrah Hurrah – the Moberly school system has completed their year of school.  Wonder what Izzy and Lilly will be doing this summer?  Youth in the Columbia system have another week to go.  So proud of our young people and the achievements they have made during the last 9 months…………..Shirley’s D-Group came to Annie’s bedside at Boone Wednesday night to encourage her — and it worked…thanks ladies for thinking of ways to encourage and bless – you are great…………So good to hear from Bro. David Croft after the prayer request went out for Annie – David wrote from Texas – words of hope and encouragement….thanks Bro………..Media reports are full of doom/gloom – that’s a fact — and if you are a regular listener whether conservative or liberal – the conclusion is the end of the world is at hand.  In my reading this morning I came across an article that stated evangelical Christianity is make huge inroads today.   The mainline denomination, i.e. Presbyterian, Methodist, United Church of Christ, etc – are hemorrhaging – losing hundreds of members annually.   I certainly am NOT nit-picking on churches – but there are 2 things I want to communicate (1) churches that are growing preach the Bible and we stand with what Paul said 1 Cor 1:23 – we preach Christ and Him crucified.  (2)  Though we do not all see the Bible through the same lens – we stand united on the fundamentals of the faith.   It is good to know the Church of Christ is alive and well.   Let’s never forget – Jesus said – if I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me…..We have some travelers in our midst — Rocky Philippe was in Minnesota – and Connie Edward was in Mississippi…………….


Our 2015 VBS will be held July 16-17 the times will be 7:00 PM and July 18 (Saturday) from 10:00 – Noon.   The group of ministers I fellowship with on a monthly basis are combining our churches young people.  We have not yet determined location but once that is secured we’ll begin to publish it. 

               We have invited Mike and Glenda Mann to minister to the children.    They will bring live animals – illusions – and ventriloquism. 

               Soon we will have promotional materials and hope to get all our grade school aged children participate and as many ‘unchurched’ children as possible.


               We are half way through our current series – there has been a change in this week’s message.  The new film is entitled Still Alice.  The theme of the film centers on a 50 year old lady on top of her profession. She is a PhD in linguistics at Harvard.  As she gives an important lecture – she forgets a word — this is the beginning of her concerns – what is wrong…..she checks with a Dr. to find out she has a rare form of Alzheimer’s — the remainder of the move chronicles her life – reaction of her family – and how each one deals with it….Great Film…we are going to approach it with the term Affliction – a few times in the Psalms, David uses that word to describe his position in life…..

            Alice had such a profound memory – let us think of those things Jesus or God have asked us to remember. 

            Alice admits midway through the film she is now hopeless.  Can we develop a strategy to implement when our situation in life is hopeless?

            Alice has a young daughter seeking a career in acting – but is willing to forgo that to take care of her mother.  WOW…..when was the last time you observed sacrifice….when was the last time you sacrificed?


General Offering       $983.00

Building Fund            $  80.00

Yellow Duck               $  14.50


·      Pray for the Holy Spirit to give you courage to share Christ with others

·      Pray for friends who do not know Jesus

·      Pray for children in Columbia who do not know Jesus that this summer there will be a revival of our youth

·      Pray for ourselves that the Holy Spirit will change us to become more like Jesus

·      Annie’s surgery and recovery has gone far beyond our expectations…..she just finished another walk – about 200’   Do believe she will be dismissed tomorrow.  Her road to a pain free world is probably a month away….We accept pain as part of the healing process. 

·      Pray for David Croft to land an accounting job in Dallas, TX

·      Pray that our D-Groups will enjoy cook-outs – meetings – and with some a small break over the summer

·      Pray for Margie – (Jackie’s sister) – transferred to rehab in the families hometown.


            Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.  Margaret Mead…..

            Think about the small groups that have made an impact. 

·      Peter – James – John

·      Abraham – Isaac – Jacob

·      1st. Continental Congress

·      Father, Son and Holy Spirit

·      Let’s pray for the day our D-Group can be listed as a world changer – (at least changing the spiritual landscape of Northeast Columbia


We are looking at a great MOVIE this weekend – Still Alice.  Our attention will be on this:  What did Jesus tell us to REMEMBER —- what if we get in a situation where we are rendered HOPELESS — and at the end of the movie the star’s youngest daughter forgoes her career to take care of her mother – SACRIFICE….WOW….she you in church Saturday afternoon or Sunday at 10


Reel to Real Message – for our Celebration Services May 30 – 31: