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I am not afraid of tomorrow because I know that God is already there!

Fear Not Tomorrow, God is Already There

             I was raised on Southern Gospel Music – my father sang tenor in a Gospel quartet – and I’ve deeply appreciated the 4-part harmony to say nothing about the lyrics.  Recently, the Collingsworth Family have a song than rings the bell for me – called – Fear Not Tomorrow, God is Already There – read with encouragement the 1st verse of the song

 In this age of uncertainty, questions come to my mind.

What is waiting ahead for me and the rest of mankind.

Fear not tomorrow. God is already there.

He’s charting the course you take.

He sees each hidden snare.

He’s waiting to guide you through each burden and care.

Fear not tomorrow. God is already there.

 Fear is something that can paralyze even the bravest and strongest of individuals. It’s that displeasing feeling inside of you that causes one to sometimes doubt themselves or the wonderful opportunities that come your way, cause you to second-guess your capabilities, and silence you when you know that you should be speaking up. Whether it be the biblical story of Elijah who prayed a powerful prayer for the sun to stand still amidst the battle against the Amorites (Joshua 10:12), Moses parting the massive beauty of the Red Sea (Exodus 14:21), or Noah building the gigantic piece of artistic wonder known as The Ark (Genesis 5-10); God constantly came in the clutch and took care of his people. There was no need to fear. There was no need to worry. God was already there.

 And although these magnificent experiences of God’s presence took place thousands of years ago, we must understand that the foundational truth of God’s support and assistance is still alive and true today. God isn’t just alongside you for this journey called life, He’s leading the front lines.

 God’s Already Been There.

“Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the LORD will personally go ahead of you. He will be with you; he will neither fail you nor abandon you.”Deuteronomy 31:8  The powerful truth is both assuring and comforting. We must realize that we have no need to worry about the present or future due to the reality that God, who is outside of time itself, has already been where we are going and will be in the future. He’s all-powerful, all-knowing and all-forgiving. God is the essence of time itself, aware of anything and everything that will take place in our lives.

 Don’t fear the unknown, the future or the present. God has already been there, and he’s letting you know that he alone has got you immersed by his perfect, protective and all-consuming love.  


For the past couple months – the Core Team has been heavily engaged in goal setting for Discovery.  The Team was asked to bring 3 goals to the group with 3 strategies to accomplish those goals…..Last Sunday night – we established 5 goals – we want to see accomplished during the year 2016…

1)     Be a church of service – and start with serving at the Food Bank on a quarterly basis

2)    Purchase a Rainbow cleaning system— the Kevin Myers family have volunteered to clean the church 3 weeks a month for one year

3)    Honor our widows — doing that by developing a church directory with names – addresses – phone numbers – so we can remain on constant contact with the church family. 

4)    Develop more parking places. 

5)    Begin planning of light control of the big North Windows


March 6 will be our First Sunday Evening Prayer Gathering – between hours of 5 – 7 PM 

 March 19, starting at 8:30AM – ending around 1:00 PM will be an all church workday.  Wanting to get the building “spic & span” for the Easter Activities.

 March 24 – Passover Meal – 6:30 PM at Discovery – there will find 2 sign up sheets this weekend – (1) attendance and (2) volunteers…..Eileen Detore will again be leading this service

 March 25 – Good Friday Service – 6:30 PM

 March 26/27 – our glorious Resurrection Day Service — He has Risen – He is not here – come see the place where the Lord lay…..


Doug and Jackie – Annie and I had a wonderful prayer time yesterday (Tuesday) at the church….God is honoring prayer at Discovery — as stated before – we had a record crowd at our last Sunday evening prayer gathering – and the following weekend – there was only 1 empty parking spot on Sunday.  Just before we started praying Bro Tom Leuther came in — I have been in fellowship with Bro Tom for 15 years….He borrowed some communion cups from us and returned them plus 100 more yesterday….Bro Tom is running for city council in the 3rd Ward.  This is the Ward our church is in…..he asked us to have prayer for him before he left.  We were more than overjoyed to accommodate him…………..Discovery is truly a church of Small Groups – whether you call them D-Groups – Life Groups – etc….it is difficult for many to grasp the ideology that the Big Event is NOT on Sunday – but within the small group….the goods news for us is that our D-Groups are growing….Bro Doug started a group in the fall – and last Thursday he had 13.  If you are NOT currently meeting with a group – would you ask yourself WHY? If you will get with me – I’ll tell you when each group meets – where they meet – etc….All groups are open and each leader would love to have YOU grace their presence……One of the men’s groups heard of a need within the church and each man gave either gifts…food…money to help with that need…..another group felt that we needed hard copies of the New Living Translation Bible in our auditorium — So we pooled our money and bought 20 Burgundy Bibles — they are placed under chairs throughout the auditorium……………..One of the prayer requests we have offered up over the past months was to have 12 children in children’s church who were under 12 years old….We didn’t reach that goal Sunday – but we had 10 – and by counting Saturday Church –we exceeded our goal.  PTL…………..We congratulate Kaylee Faddis who was awarded the Learner’s Award last week at Oakland Junior High….Her award was in Social Studies……We are proud of you Kaylee…………..


·      Sad to report the little boy we prayed for last week in Gregg’s church – died in a diabetic coma – 11 years old…..they will have a celebration of his life this Sunday after their morning worship service.

·      Shelby Baker had an MRI on his knee yesterday – should get the results today.  Our prayer is that he won’t have to have surgery.   Surgery would certainly affect his employment at Break Time. 

·      Joy Weir’s nephew is at the University Hospital – following a car wreck – trying to get feeling back in extremities

·      Let’s continue lifting up Jackie’s sister – doing rehab in Shelbina, MO – and Karen’s brother – doing rehab in Paris, MO

·      Kirstin Yoder – with the Navy in San Diego, California

·      Rocky Philippe would like us to continue praying for the recovery of his good friend Lonnie Taylor.  Lonnie had a massive heart attack while on vacation in Hawaii.  Yesterday he came out of his coma for which we praise God….still in ICU

·      2 Cor 10:4 the weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world.  On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds – casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, brining every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ. 


Courtney Baker — the shower is scheduled for March 6 – at 1:00 PM at Discovery Center.  Courtney and Shelby’s baby is due at the end of April.  They know it is a boy and his name is Isaiah Thomas Baker.



Little Faith…Little Growth

Great Faith…Great Growth

 Will your friends curse you

In Hell for being silent about Jesus?

 Whatever is around the corner

God is already there!!!



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Panama Mission                $     38.40

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