As you look at the individuals whom God used mightily to spread His word – it might surprise us to see that God seldom used the wealthy – the attractive – the influential or the powerful.  More than not it was the “least likely” those who are simply willing and who believe. 

            The way God’s Kingdom functions may seem upside down to many of us.  The world’s standards so easily infiltrate the way we think.  To ask the question is to answer it – Can God Use Little People?   Little people may in fact be little people – youth – school age – but the phrase can also be used to describe people whom the world considers “little” who might not have as much to offer God.  DISCOVERY – these are the people however whom God chooses to serve others and accomplish His big plans.

            David Jeremiah writes…..God wants to take us down to the very depths of ourselves to teach us that if there is any power, it is the power that is in God and not in us.  God doesn’t need to make us into performers or superstars in order to use us.  Instead, He’s looking for men and women who have heats that say – “LORD I’M A NOBODY.  IM NOTHING WITHOUT YOU.  WILL YOU USE ME?  When God finds such a heart, something extraordinary happens – that nobody is promote to the ranks of God’s nobility.  

             Children are often used as an example of this kind of trusting reliance on God.  As adults we are so often jaded and cynical and closed off to how God is working.  Children often tap into the key to true joy in Christ that adults often miss.  

            Edington share the story of how a 11-year-old friend of her daughter’s ministered to her family when they were having a difficult week.  The girl wrote a thoughtful note to Edington’s daughter, Adelade, reminding her of God’s goodness and loving-kindness.  She also gave Adelade a chocolate bar.  The simple act of service and friendship blessed Adelade and made Edgington realize she had been prideful, thinking she knew whom God could use to do His work.  

            It has been said that the Christian life is filled with paradoxes nd nowhere is this more true than in 2 Cor 12;10 – where Paul says…That’s why I take pleasure in my weaknesses, and in the insults, hardships, persecutions, and troubles that I suffer for Christ. For when I am weak, then I am strong.  The world didn’t understand when God used a little Shepherd by David as King.  It didn’t understand when He chose a teenage girl to be the mother of His Son.  

            The only question is if we are willing to respond to His Spirit’s promptings…..?


            Well – the time has come….this weekend is National Back To Church Sunday – September 17…..Who will you bring with you to Discovery this weekend?  Early on we established our goal as 12 first time guests…..At this point I have had 4 people say they would be my guest this weekend.  

            We have had the brochures in the Blessing Box for a couple weeks but don’t know if anyone has picked one up.

            Solomon has the church sign reading – Back to Church Sunday – Sept 17.  

            One thing we all can do is PRAY…..

Last Sunday after church – Sabrina and Samantha celebrated their 3rd Birthday with family and friends at Burger King on Clark Lane…..How precious to see these little twins grow up before our eyes…………….Kaylee Faddis will be in band competition at Edwardsville, Illinois over the weekend with Battle High School…let’s all trust Kaylee will do her best as she serves God in this way…………….Our thoughts and prayers are with Peg Schroder as she returned this week from Knoxville, Tenn.  Her brother passed from this life and Peg has been with the family for a couple weeks…………..As far as I know, those of Discovery who had friends – family in the path of the Hurricane came out unscathed for which we praise God….Someone said – how can a cat 5 storm fizzle out so quick to a tropical depression – apart from the power of God’s people praying I have no answer……………Last Sunday, my heart rejoiced as 2 middle school sisters came into the building — they walked up to me and handed me a wrapped up cookie with this inscription ….Man shall not live by bread alone….how precious and thoughtful – thank you Bailee and Emily……………….I want to believe everyone has his/her own bible reading program….if you are using the one sent out by the church – you are about 1/3 of the way through the Book of Romans….Happy Reading – and may God build Christ-like character in you as His Word works mightily in each of us.

 As Discovery was being formed – a question was asked – how are we going to be different than any other church – and if not – let’s just go back to mother church?  After months of prayer and discussion – the answer came – we will become a CELL CHURCH…the above image is an overview of what we desire to accomplish in the Cell….It is where all are to become involved – whether with the discussion of the day – or a project involved — through the study of God’s Word – discipleship will result – all will encounter God and community will result.  The good stuff is that the group goes out – to seek and save the lost….(Luke 19:10)…..

            The hope – desire – and prayer of the leadership is that upwards of 75% of our people would become part of a Cell Group…..If you have questions or would like to consider a group – please contact Max – Doug – Ross – Jerry – Shirley.  Some of the groups are geared for men only – some for women only – and others for men and women – single – divorced – and married…..Everyone needs a PLACE TO BELONG….

·      There will be a memorial service for Stacey Helms on September 30.  Stacey was the mother of Amber whom several would remember – and the daughter-n-law of Ron/Rocci Kendall.  The service will begin at 1:00 PM

·      Continue to lift up Peg Schroder as she mourns the passing of her brother.

·      Say a prayer for our Back to Church Sunday – (this weekend) – that we will welcome a dozen or more 1st time guests

·      Our Blessing Box has been a wonderful addition to helping us reach out to our community as it is emptied at least 3x’s a week.  (the church families must supply the box as we agreed from the beginning no church funds will supply these needs)….Thanks to all of you who are making this happen

·      Ask God to help many of our members see the spiritual blessing that awaits if they would but JOIN a D-Group…..

·      If God is going to do something Hu-Mongous on Sept 23 – every one of us are ready to meet Him in the sky!!!

Discovery Offering                           $2079.00

Mission to Homeless                        $     1.00

Psalm 8 

            O Lord, our Lord, your majestic name fills the earth! Your glory is higher than the heavens. You have taught children and infants to tell of your strength,[b] silencing your enemies and all who oppose you. When I look at the night sky and see the work of your fingers—the moon and the stars you set in place— what are mere mortals that you should think about them, human beings that you should care for them?[c] Yet you made them only a little lower than God[d] and crowned them[e] with glory and honor. You gave them charge of everything you made, putting all things under their authority— the flocks and the herds and all the wild animals, the birds in the sky, the fish in the sea, and everything that swims the ocean currents. O Lord, our Lord, your majestic name fills the earth!