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Jesus entered the Holy City on a Sunday.  This has come to be known as Palm Sunday.   The people honored Jesus by laying garments down and waving Palm Branches……this would be equivalent to a “ticker-tape” parade.  As Jesus entered the city, the people shouted Scripture – Palm 118:26 Bless the one who comes in the name of the LORD.  In Old Testament times, people waved palm branches during various feasts or times of celebration and gladness. Hosanna means “Save now.”

 Most of the Jews believed that if Jesus was to be a King…a Savior – it would be from a physical point of view.  Jesus would save them from Roman oppression and set up “housekeeping in Jerusalem” and reign like King David centuries earlier.   If He had ridden a warhorse, they would have known He came as a conqueror. But He arrived in Jerusalem on a donkey, which meant He came in peace. They did not realize that He came to die as the Passover Lamb, to save them from their sins.

 For some time, Jesus had been warning his disciples that his purpose in going to Jerusalem was to die. The disciples chose not to hear such talk of dying. At last weekend’s Celebration Service we discussed what was on the mind of James and John as he was about to enter Jerusalem for the last time….they believed Jesus was establishing an earthly kingdom and they wanted to sit on his Right and Left hand in that Kingdom. (Mark 10:35–37).

 The day before Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, he had supper in Bethany with his friends Martha, Mary, and Lazarus, whom Jesus had raised from the dead. Mary had taken a pound of very costly perfume—pure nard—and anointed the feet of Jesus, wiping His feet with her hair. Jesus said that she had anointed him for burial. (John 12:3-7).


·      PASSOVER MEAL – 6:30 PM Thursday, March 24 – in church auditorium

·      Good Friday Service – 6:30 PM – Friday – March 25, in church auditorium

·      Resurrection Celebration Services – Saturday 5:00 PM — Sunday 10:00 AM


         Today is St. Patrick’s Day…..the day has been celebrated throughout my life — all I knew about the day was in St. Louis there was the St. Patrick’s Day Run which I participated each year – and that we wore something green – and there was some talk of leprechaun’s.   Did you know….he was kidnapped at age 16?  He was taken ot Ireland and sold as a slave.  After 6 years he escaped and returned to Britain.  He believed his captivity and escape was ordained by God he devoted his life to ministry.  He returned to Ireland and for 30 years spread Christianity there.  He used a 3-leaf clover to explain the Trinity.  He baptized 1000’s.  St. Patrick’s life is an example of what a life poured out to Christ can look like…………….There were more than 10 people who signed up to help prepare and serve the Passover Meal next Thursday…We rejoice over those willing to be used of God……………M/M Solomon Yoder are celebrating their 2nd anniversary in Florida this weekend…congrats…………….There were 12 who participated in our Sunday Evening Prayer Gathering last weekend.  Not as many as the previous month – but sickness and time change had some factor on attendance…………..Jackie and some ladies are planning on transforming the first room on the right as you enter the building to a beautiful, welcoming nursery.  As we continue to pray for 12 under 12 – let’s bump that number to include several infants…..Bless you ladies as your vision becomes reality…………….Glad to report Stacey Nowlin has been dismissed from the hospital – she was in over last weekend but now home PTL…………….


   This Saturday – March 19 – beginning at 8:30 – we want to accomplish several tasks all of which will prepare our church facility for Holy Week….. As a house dedicated to Jesus Christ – it is our desire to serve the public with a facility that exudes cleanliness — preparedness – and joyfulness.  

          Jobs will include inside/outside the facility….the top priority this time will be to clean out the supply room — build shelves and put back what can fit on shelves and take the rest to the outdoor building.  Bro Jerry will bring some hedge trimmers to shape up the bushes.   We will need someone to vacuuming all the chairs in the auditorium – while others can was the auditorium windows inside and out.

          We could use YOU – hope you can allow several minutes this Saturday morning.


This weekend is the last opportunity for YOU to sign up if you and family desire to attend the Passover Meal this coming Thursday.  Eileen Detore will be leading us through all the prophecies involved with the Passover (Ex 12) – but following this wonderful presentation – the church will enjoy a chicken dinner. 

          We need to know a head count so everyone will be able to be served.  The church is providing everything – so all we need to do is sign up and attend.  You will be blessed as prophecy comes to life in the person of JESUS CHRIST. 


·      PTL – The medical procedures Kay Baker is receiving has certainly helped her with her rheumatoid arthritis.  We rejoice with Kay upon hearing this

·      Couple individuals are struggling with depression….God knows all things – so please in your prayer lift up those in depression.  Thank you

·      I’m asking God to lay some soul upon each heart – a soul that does not know Jesus – my prayer is that God will bring that person into your life this week and you will invite them to share Easter with you at Discovery. 

·      Hannah Myers is in Ireland with Marching Mizzou – praying for her safety

·      Please lift up the marriages in our church…..Satan loves to destroy family relationships because the marriage is a picture of Christ and the Church.

·      Revelation 2:4“But I have this complaint against you. You don’t love me or each other as you did at first! 

·      Kirstin Yoder – serving with the Navy – stationed in San Diego, Calif.

·      Joy Weir – broken hip – healing is slower than Joy desires – she overdid it and had a setback….continue to pray for complete healing


The Lord is my Shepherd – Relationship

I shall not want – Supply

He makes me lie down in green pastures – REST

He leads me beside quiet waters – REFRESHENT

He restores my soul – HEALING

He guides me in paths of righteousness – GUIDANCE

For His name’s sake – PURPOSE

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death – TESTING

I will fear no evil – PROTECTION

For you are with me – FAITHFULENSS

Your rod and your staff they comfort me – DISCIPLINE

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies – HOPE

You anoint my head with oil – CONSECRATION  

My cup overflows – ABUNDANCE

Surely good ness and love will follow me all the days of my life – BLESSING

And I will dwell in the house of the Lord – SECURITY

Forever – ETERNITY


D-Groups will NOT MEET during Holy Week……Please be advised….


General Fund          $4106.00

Panama Mission      $      5.55



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